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The new book, btw, is THE SPIRIT STONE, which will be published by DAW in hardback in May and HarperCollins UK in trade paperback, with a really swell Geoff Taylor cover, in June.    It's coming out in Swedish from Bonniers, too, but I don't know the pub date -- Barb, I'll send you one of those, of course.

I am now working on the new , the last Deverry book, THE SHADOW ISLE.  In case anyone here's been wondering what happened to Haen Marn, the title should tell you something about its contents.   I started working on this series in February of 1982, finished the ms. that became the first book in '84, and it was published at the end of '86.   That is a very long time to keep a project going.   There have been gaps: good gaps when I wrote something else, bad ones when I was ill, but still, the series was never far from my mind during those gaps.   On the one hand, it's exilarating to think of it being finished at last.  On the other, it's anxiety-producing. 

What next, what next?   I'd like to write more SF, but my British publisher doesn't want to pay me any real money for it, and the mortage is expensive.   I'm thinking in terms of historical novels with fantasy elements, rather than fantasy novels with historical elements, which is what Deverry is.

I'm not saying I'll never write another book set in Deverry, mind.  I'm not going to write anything that's directly tied into the current series.   Things have to end somewhere.


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